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Meagan Alexandra

Client Communications & Success Manager


Hi 👋

I’m Meagan

Client Communications & Success Manager at Trifecta

(basically your customer service rep & no.1 hype girl)


I love Deadlifts & Down dogs - I’ve been lifting heavy things for 8 years & finding refuge on my yoga mat for 6 - both of which have changed my life - sounds cliché but I’m ok about it ✨

My role in Trifecta is to ensure you have everything you need to be successful in your journey with us! From emails to reschedules - I'm your girl!

I believe every body deserves to feel safe within themselves -


🔸Whether that’s through finding better movement

🔸Breathing deeply & fully

🔸Mindfully connecting to yourself or all 3


- We want to help get you there 💛

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